About Us

Home grown, sustainable leather,

from Farm, to arm

Originally established in 2011 as Hayley Hanson Hide, expanding again in 2016 to for Hayley Hanson, 2019 finds us creating Hayley Hanson Country, a range of products made with our own leather, sustainable, from our own cattle, or very local, each hide, checked by Hayley. We were in something of a dilemma, we wanted to utilise as much of the leather as possible, but at an affordable price point, we searched for a suitable material, Hayley always had in her mind Waxed cotton, traditional, country, dependable in all weathers as the ideal partner.

In early 2018 we found the ideal, British made waxed and dry waxed cottons and canvas, after months of work, the ever expanding capsule collection is what you see today, along with seasonal Limited and special editions.

Ever since starting, Hayleys vision has always been twofold, "better, not bigger" and "grow where you are" , what could we use that we already have, where we already are. The Country collection is just that, trimmed in our own world class, award winning homegrown leather from our own and local farms, you can be confident that these products are handcrafted, with tradition and care, to keep your belongings safe for years to come.

We would love to see you with our products, please tag us on Instagram @hayleyhansoncountry_gb

Hayley is a 5th generation farmer, THe farm lies between the Brecon Beacons and the Black mountains in Mid Wales.Glorious scenery, undulating grassland and a mix of great soil biology and hard work, Hayley and her family farm using a mix of ultra modern techniques and traditional ways, Hayley is passionate about cattle, farming a mix of British Blue, Angus and Blonde cattle.

This passion led to the business being established, as in 2011 when looking for somewhere to have her wedding heifer tanned, Hayley couldn't find anywhere in the UK to have it done, since then we have built a UK wide network of industry experts, and are extremely proud to say ALL our leather and hide is FULLY processed and tanned in the British Isles, from Farm, to Arm and are the only producers of Welsh leather worldwide, and the only producers of leather and hair on hides in this way.

Hayley is available to speak about her farm diversification businesses on request.

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